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Coach 2 Cope: The Responder Toolkit (Batemans Bay)

Learn new approach from PhD research on how to respond 'in the moment' to young people in distress and how to develop risk management plans.

About this Event

Are you an educator or professional that supports young people to help them be their best?

Are you concerned about the growing mental health issues of the young people in your care?

Would you like to know the best way to respond to them and help when they are demonstrating challenging behaviours?

I want to share with you a simple process so you can guide the young people you support through their distress, and watch them become more focused and stop disrupting everyone around them.

You will learn easy ways to connect with kids quickly, so you can worry less about their mental health and help them prepare for everything life throws at them.

This program is designed specifically for educators and professionals that support young people, by me a parent and child and adolescent mental health expert, and has been used to help thousands of professionals better manage the challenges young people face every day and improve outcomes.

When I first started nursing kids, I was responsible for the safety of young people who would engage in self-harm, suicidal behaviour, aggression, violence and running away when they were distressed. I just didn't know what to do to support them during episodes of distress and had some awfully confronting situations where restraint and medication was used. I met many adults who also had to support young people who exhibited these high-risk behaviours. They too would say “I just don’t know what to do”.

This inspired me to find a new way, so I undertook a PhD and conducted a research project that aimed to understand psychological distress for young people and how adults can support and respond to them in helpful ways. My goal was to improve the care I offered as a nurse (and as a father of 3 daughters), but also to use what I learnt to educate and guide parents, teachers and other adults who support young people to reduce the damaging impact that repeated high levels of distress can have on a young person’s life.

As a result of my research and thousands of hours of clinical experience, I started a charity and developed a simple, easy to follow method to guide adults on how and when to respond to young people in distress to achieve a positive outcome. The goal of my program is to give educators practical tools to connect with their student, help them to manage their anxiety, and support them to build their coping, resilience and help-seeking behaviours.

I have used the framework presented in this program with thousands of young people. I have also coached thousands of parents, teachers, coaches and clinicians how to use methods in the program to support young people in distress.

If you have students currently experiencing challenges with their mental health, and struggling at the moment, you can adopt the principles in the program and use the tools provided to help guide them during episodes of psychological distress. Alternatively, you can use the processes in a preventive capacity and enhance your connection to the young people in your care to support their overall mental wellbeing.

I will coach you simple transferrable skills on all of this and more on;

Friday the 19th of February 2021 at Hanging Rock Function Centre, 2 Museum Place, Batemans Bay - 9am to 1pm (also available live via Zoom)

Catherine Hughes (School Link Coordinator of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) says;

"I’ve been working with Dr Stephen Spencer since May 2018 and since then over 1000 Education staff in the Hunter have attended his training. He builds the capacity of school staff to respond as educators to students who need additional support at school.

The benefit is an evidence-based training program assisting educators to compassionately hold the distress of young people and respond appropriately. The training also facilitates a gentle shift in mindset that allows staff to respond quickly and appropriately to the emotional needs of the child in their moment of distress without focusing on undesirable behaviours.

The consistency of the training means we are also reaching a point of having a shared language and understanding about emotional dysregulation, emotional distress and how to be a calm responder.

The greatest challenges I see while supporting students with complex mental health needs now sit within schools who have not participated in Steve’s training.

The difference it makes is significant".

*Expert coaching in the use of scripts and engagement strategies using an evidence based framework

*Be trained in a new approach developed from PhD research on how to respond 'in the moment' to distress

*Learn how to implement simple individualised support plans (risk management plan) through practical examples

*Be coached on a better way to respond to distress caused from social media, failing, bullying, homework etc

*Your own take home Toolkit to aid you and your colleagues in supporting young people in your care


*Please be quick as there are LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE

*Extra bonus of your own personal free access to online training program Coach 2 Cope (normally $45)

*Early Bird offer of $195 available until 5th of February 2021 (normally $245 per person)

*Also available live via Zoom for anyone unable to attend in person

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